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The self-emptying of God

Everything you have ever seen with your eyes is the self-emptying of God into multitudinous physical and visible forms.  The Divine Dance    Richard Rohr

Wait a minute!  God pouring himself into everything?  Not what I learned in Sunday School!

God on His throne.  That’s where God is.  Up there.  Not down here.  And certainly not self-emptying!


OMG.  . .In So Many Ways


Multitudinous physical and visible forms?  Complicated vocabulary.  Challenging learned notions about God.  Not on a throne. In it all.  With us.  Down here.


OMG . . .In So Many Ways. .. multitudinous. . .visible.


Rethinking who God is.  Seeing Him everywhere.  Wide expansive vista God. Warm wrapping blanket God.  Not distant.  Close by.  Down here.  Not up there.  Loving.  Not judging.  God in visible form. Nature.  Humanity.  My two Great Danes, Lucy and Molly.


Just imagine that?  God self-empties into everything all around us.  Not sitting on a throne casting lightning bolts at our wrong-doing.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways.  God’s love enfolds.  Visible. Permeates our world.  Our life.


Think I’ll take a walk and visit God. 


OMG. . .In So Many Ways.

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