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Hello! I'm Carol


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I have been on this spiritual journey, in earnest, for several decades now.  

There have been many hills and valleys.  Bumps in the road. Doubts.  Frustrations.  Walking away.  Coming back. But those are the times that led me closer to God.  

Or I should say God kept pursuing me.  

Explore My Reflections
With Me

I was an elementary teacher for thirty years.  It was my love.  My passion.  Creating a safe place for children to explore.  To learn.  To work together.  To gain self-confidence.  Upon retiring, a friend observed “I think you will take what you have done in the classroom to the adults in your life”.  My hope is she was right.

Bringing people together to experience different paths on their spiritual journey is my love and passion post career years!  Facilitating small groups, contemplative retreats, quiet mornings, spiritual mentoring – all to move closer to God.  Seeing how He moves in our lives.  How He loves us unconditionally.  Sometimes challenging belief systems that no longer make sense.

And now another leap of faith – a blog - about my ponderings along the way.   Hopefully something might resonate with the road you are walking as well.    

OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .Let the journey begin!

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