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On Being a Grandparent

Joy – Regrets – Forgiveness – Grace

June 27, 2015


Family DNA

Swimming around this little person

Generations poured ...into this tiny soul

Son, husband, parents even me –

Formed this new creation

Uniquely individual

God’s miracle.

-Pure Joy-


Parenting -

Could I have...done it better?

Most certainly, YES !

More patience, less fear

Better understanding, fewer worries

Wisdom elusive...Insights unclear


-Unwanted Regrets-


A new generation

Learns from the past

Inherited dysfunctions...diminish with time

We give...what we can,

As did those...who came before.

Acceptance overcomes...disappointment.

Fact replaces fiction.

- Welcomed Forgiveness –


A journey of...trial and error.

No one-size fits all.

A time for second chances

Hearts full..of boundless love

The do-over of all do-over’s

This life of a grandparent

- God’s Redemptive Grace -

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