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OMG... The Solar Eclipse

The moon goes behind the sun?  In front of the sun?  Why the special glasses?

OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .  How?  Why?  My mind does not compute.

I mean what’s the big deal?  Science was never “my thing”.  Just don’t “get it”.  Whatever side of the brain – Left?  Right?  Definitely my weak side.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .give me “touchy-feely” any day. 


God conversations.  Spiritual stories. Creativity.  Clothes.  Jewelry.  Decorating. Artsy. Writing.  Making connections.  Seeing connections.  Faith.


But a solar eclipse?  Just another space thing.  NASA.  JPL.


And then I stepped outside.  With special glasses.  Looked up. 


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .Science collided with touchy-feely. 


Turns out the moon moves in front of the sun.  11:30  - the sky is getting dark.  The sun slowly disappearing.  But not completely.  Then television shows Dallas, Texas and Indianapolis, Indiana.  The moon completely covers the sun.  Total darkness.  People cheering.  Clapping.  Crying.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . A once in a lifetime – literally, for those of us at a certain age.  Spectacular.  Mesmerizing.  And not orchestrated by the human species. 


For a few hours the usual news cycle stopped.  No politics.  No wars.  No stock-market.  No crime reports.  No natural disasters.


For a few hours we looked up.  We felt a little, perhaps a lot, small in this universe.  We experienced our finiteness.  We were touched by something far greater than ourselves. . .God?


So I am now a fan of a solar eclipse!  I wandered outside with special glasses and witnessed a “once in a lifetime”.    I observed a scientific phenomenon.  But mostly. . .I felt God.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways.

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