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OMG. . . Incline My Heart

The Lord our God be with us, as God was with our ancestors; may God not leave or abandon us, but incline our hearts to the Holy One. . .1 Kings 8: 57 NRSV (partial)


Instead of an occasional inclination, an easy stroll downhill, a heart incline is a serious undertaking, a wild ride on the mountain that is the Divine.    Rev. Jennifer Garrison


WOW!  Where to even begin?  Incline.  God inclines our hearts.  To the Holy One.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . . always pulling us in.. . God pulls us in. To himself.  The Holy One. 


The wild ride does not begin with me.  It begins with God.  The source.  I thought I was the source.  It was me who felt my heart on an incline.  But it is God who says come closer.  God who woo’s us.  God who initiates the wild ride on the mountain.


How to RSVP?  An incline is a climb.  A risk.  Safety net not attached.  


Do I accept? 


Agree to a wild ride on the mountain that is the Divine? A heart incline.   A mountain which includes writing a blog.  Stepping up curbs.  Vulnerability.  Reaching out.  Searching inward.  Acknowledging imperfections.  Facing reality.  Owning hurtful ways.  Giving apologies.  Accepting apologies?


Not an easy stroll.  A serious undertaking.  But then a mountain climb is never a saunter,  is it? Step onto the path.  Stumble.  Fall back.  Reach for steadiness.  Continue.  Because this heart incline is like that of a magnet.  It needs to attach.  To that which attracted it in the first place.


I think I’m on that heart incline.  But then I trip over a rock on the path.  Doubt is stealth.  Sneaky.  Maybe I can’t tackle the incline.  Too difficult.  But remember who calls.  Who promised to never abandon. Even on the wild ride of a mountain climb. 


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .don’t want to play it safe anymore.


How about you?

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