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OMG. . . In So Many Ways

S- - - Happens

Please excuse my language. But no other way to describe it. A weekend visit A quick grandkid birthday celebration - riddled with life.

OMG. . . Life

Life with a sick dog. . . In the car

Life with a dead battery. . . In the car

Life with a car that looses all power while on the freeway heading home

Life with needing a new alternator ( I was secretly hoping for a new car. )

Life with being towed. With our two Great Dane's in the car on the flatbed.

I’ll stop with that and say a huge . . . OMG

I need to read my former posts. Then Richard Rohr. And Henri Nouwen. Close with Frederick Buechner or Kate Bowler. Take a deep breath

It’s just life throwing a curve ball. And I don’t particularly like curve balls. I guess who does?
No one is immune to curve balls. To life.

OMG. . . S- - - happens

Again I apologize.

It will be better tomorrow

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11 juin
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Tough times, Carol. So sorry. This, too, shall pass.

carol wawrychuk
14 juin
En réponse à

and it has! I guess the best thing that came out of all this is just being able to chalk it up to "life". It's not all roses is it? Of course that is what I would like!!!

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