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OMG. . . Homesick

Leaving the first half of life is scary. Most of us have the first-half-of-life hustle down. The thing is, I’m just never, ever homesick for the first half of my life when I walk away from it…. Maybe I’m not homesick for the first half of life because it’s really never been my true home.  

 Brene’ Brown


Homesick.  An actual physical place.  Yearning for surroundings from the past.  Maybe even a safety-net.  From childhood?  Before?  Before?


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .homesick. . . but for what?


No.  Not homesick for the past.  It’s familiar.  But do not want to revisit that part of the journey.  Striving.  Comparing.  The path to achieving.  One step forward.  Two steps back. Constant.  Tiring. 


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .the journey forward is the journey backwards


Backwards.  Not physically.  Not nostalgically.  But to the seed inside.  The one that says time to nurture me.  Time to rest.  Time to come home.


Thou hast created us for Thyself, and our heart is not quiet until it rests in Thee. Saint Augustine


Created to rest. Created for a quiet heart. Created by and for God. The path home.

OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .Homesick. 

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