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OMG Holy Saturday

   OMG. . .In So Many Ways

    Almost there. . . but not quite

              Sacred Tension

“The life and death of Jesus offers an invitation to sit in a sacred tension.

I didn’t know it back then, but the Holy Spirit was forming something sacred in me.”

~ Kat Armas    Center for Action and Contemplation:   Reflection for Holy Saturday


It feels like Lent needs to continue.  I mean it’s almost over.  But my journey isn’t.  

OMG. . . In So Many Ways. . .Almost

That word . . .almost.  For me – synonymous with Sacred Tension.  Holy Saturday.  

Almost.  Almost accepting death.  Jesus’.  Loved ones.  Mine. But not quite.

Almost.  Almost setting aside regrets.  Almost grateful for the present. Almost out of the Lenten journey.  But not quite.

OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .Holy Saturday. ..A giant void.  Nothingness.

But maybe – just maybe  - this almost but not quite yet is my – our – Sacred Tension.  Time to be in a space with the Holy Spirit.  Allow this void of Sacred Tension to help me (you) wrestle with the uncovered truths met on the forty-day  journey.

Maybe – just maybe- Sacred Tension is more than one day.  But many.  Not to be dismissed.  Rushed past.  Immediately fixed.  In and out of the void.   A time of reassurance.  

After all.  Tomorrow is Easter!  Maybe the beginning of many Easters in my life.  Your life?

OMG. . .In so Many Ways.   Holy Saturday.   Sacred Tension

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