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OMG. . .Clouds?. . Frogs?

I’m trying to get through an essay. By a Pulitzer Prize winning author.   This woman is in love with the woods.  Everything about it.  The water.  The bugs.  The birds.  The frogs.  Frogs?  Really?  Yes, the frogs. 


Every last one is God speaking.  Even through the frogs. 


OMG. . .In So Many Ways. . .you’re kidding, right?


No.  Don’t think she is.  The woods speak God to this particular author.


You are most likely tired of hearing about my New Mexico skies.  They speak God to me.  Sunrises.  Sunsets.  Vivid deep blue color.  And puffy white clouds. 


So on my morning walk (with Molly in tow),  I gaze at those huge cotton balls up there.  Like cotton candy.  I put a hand over my heart and think “there you are, God.  Thank you”


But then another thought occurred.  What if my clouds are like the author’s woods?


OMG. . .In So Many Ways.  God speaks in clouds.  In frogs.  IN ?????????


We talk so much about how this God is not a one size fits all.  He seems to know what we need.  How we need to hear it. 


Maybe you can’t relate to my skies.  How about frogs, streams, bugs, birds? 


How does God communicate with you?  Scripture?  Nature?  People?  Some?  All? 


OMG. . . In So Many Ways. . .another epiphany on my walk---oops ---not everyone thinks like me!  Oops-----not everyone hears from God through the same channels as me! Not everyone would look at these clouds and say “Thank you God”


Some would look at a frog in the woods and say “There you are, God” 

What an interesting epiphany!  Pretty basic.  Not everyone hears God like me!  Never too old to learn!


But back to seeing – hearing from God?   How about you?  I’d love to know.


OMG. . .In So Many Ways



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Jul 07

Beautiful message and leads me to realize that I can see God in so many ways.....puffy, Santa Fe clouds, the wonderful cool breeze in the morning, and especially a lone sunflower growing out of the sidewalk near my home that I see every morning on my walk with Max. Yesterday afternoon in LosAlamos, Max and I sat at Ashley Pond and I felt and saw God's presence.

carol wawrychuk
a day ago
Replying to

Ahh, yes, sunflowers! Decades ago I saw a sunflower on the off ramp I took to the school where I was teaching. Like yours, mine came out of the crack, not tended to with water or plant food. Just by God, I guess. Anyway, that sunflower kind of propelled me down a new path with God. It seems God needs to knock on our doors more than once and in different ways Thank you for sharing with us!

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